Thursday, December 6, 2007

Types of Complementary Techniques for Breast cancer


There are literally hundreds of complementary treatments. While some treatments have been studied in breast cancer patients, others have not. We have noted which treatments have and have not been studied in breast cancer patients. ALWAYS check with your doctor before beginning any complementary treatment.

Although not every complementary technique is listed here, we've included information about the most widely used complementary techniques.
Complementary medicine treatments

* Acupuncture *
* Music Therapy *
* Aromatherapy
* Progressive Muscle Relaxation
* Chiropractic *
* Reiki *
* Guided Imagery
* Shiatsu *
* Hypnosis *
* Spirituality and Prayer
* Journaling
* Support Groups *
* Massage *
* Tai Chi
* Meditation
* Yoga

*Requires a practitioner. The others can be self-taught or done alone after a few sessions with a teacher. Always talk to your doctor before trying a new therapy.

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